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E-MAIL (please specify your name, surname, mobile and city of residence)
(this is my only e-mail. Please do not use any other address. They will be not checked.)

Mobile: +39 349 2560313
(From Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm)

HEADQUARTERS (only by appointment)
Marianna Santoni Studio
Via Benedetto Cairoli, 38
06034 Foligno
Perugia - Italia

Marianna Santoni
Via Cesi, 8
06034 Foligno
Perugia - Italia







You can ask for shooting quotations regarding: portraits, commercial photography, fashion, reportage, landscape, wedding, still life… by contacting:



It is possible to ask for post-production and photo-retouch services. They can be easy or complex, for just one or more images.


In case you are interested please always specify:

  • type of images (sending some examples, even in low resolution) and specifying the format of the original files  (RAW/JPG/TIF...)
  • issues to solve (sending an accurate list of the requested repair services)
  • number of shoots for which you need the intervention
  • scheduled deadline
  • available budget

We will answer you quickly and specify if we can help you and how.

Please e-mail your quotation requests to:




QUOTATION for individual courses or courses to be held in your city 

Please e-mail your request for quotations about photography and post-production courses to:



For any DOUBT ABOUT PHOTOSHOP or photography

If you have any doubts or technical question about Photoshop, Lightroom or photography in general, please use "Facebook Official Page" : post on the public wall or private message.




For TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE about Adobe products

If you have any doubt about Photoshop and Lightroom commercial aspects, or licences, registrations or malfunctioning, I suggest you to contact the OFFICIAL ADOBE CUSTOMER CARE by the link below:

or the Official Adobe Support calling:
• 800 919208
• 02 69682817





I always invite my pupils to send me their works by e-mail every time they want to have my opinion about the level they reached (if they are post-production works, please remember to send me the original images too). Watching the artistic growth of those who attended my classes is a great pleasure for me.

I’d like to do this with everybody (also with those who do not attend my courses), but the number of requests I receive daily far outweighs my human possibility to answer…
A serious portfolio reading needs time and accuracy, and getting a fast “good/bad” response is not useful for anybody.

That’s why throughout the year I will organize some appointments for portfolio reading. Anybody is welcome to participate in order to get a direct opinion and gather tips and observations on the works and how to present them at their best.

After all, a face to face meeting is always better.


WORK with us!

If you wish to offer as a freelancer for shootings, post-productions, model, stylist or else, don't send us your CV (or at least not only).

We are mostly interested in seeing your PORTFOLIO (better PDF format), no matter if the displayed works were commissioned or selfproduced.

We would even like to know:

  • what can you do
  • what you do best
  • what are you most passionate about.

We do not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, religion or else.

It is not necessary to have professional experience in the field.

We will be glad to know you better and evaluate your possible collaboration with us.