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Natalia Taffarel high-end retouch workshop in Italy

These courses are dedicated to the newest, more sophisticated and more advanced photo editing art techniques with Photoshop applied to fashion photography, beauty and portrait...

November 7th 2015

November 7th, 8th and 9th 2015

Wacom official Marianna Santoni partner.

Free X-Rite Webinar with Marianna Santoni.

Do your prints match what you see on screen? Are you tired of prints that don't resemble the colors you imagined?

Have you ever wondered why your photos on-screen or printed look completely different to how you remember taking them?

This is probably because you’re not color managing your photographic workflow which is crucial if you want consistent color from capture, to edit…

Free X-Rite Webinar with Marianna Santoni.

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Together, again.
X-Rite official Marianna Santoni partner.


"Shooting in Venice" - Photography Workshop
with Marianna Santoni and Andrea Badoni

The making of video from the photography workshop during the Carnival in Venice in 2012.

Dracula, Georgette and.. Marianna Santoni?!?!?

What's the relation between Dracula, the sweet and helpless Georgette and Marianna Santoni? Watch the movie and find it out for yourself…



Video "Summer Music Festival 2011"

The backstage video of Summer Music Festival 2011 in San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily. Marianna Santoni Official Photographer.



Marianna Santoni official website

Italian professional photographer, known as a Photoshop Guru, Marianna Santoni has won many prestigious awards in Italy and abroad. She serves as a university professor for the Cultural Heritage Photography course at the ISIA of Urbino and at the Photography course at Accademia di Belle Arti of Perugia. She has collaborated for years with the major international photography and digital imaging brands (ADOBE, CANON, NIKON, EPSON, HP, WACOM, X-RITE...) as an expert, consultant, beta tester and public speaker. She is a member of the exclusive international Wacom Evangelist group.

Every year we organize international training events and courses focused on photography and Photoshop in Italy and abroad.