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Summer Music Festival 2011
San Vito Lo Capo

Summer Music Festival 2011 backstage, San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily. Marianna Santoni OfficialPhotographer.

Dracula, Georgette and... Marianna Santoni!?!?!!!


Nik Software Webinar
Marzo 2010

An online lesson about Nik Software Color Efex Pro, a Photoshop plug-in (2 March 2010).

African Safari in Kenya

This is the backstage video of Marianna Santoni photography project realized during a two days safari in Tsavo Park, Kenya. The photos have been published in Applicando magazine (February 2009) and on Nikon website as Nikon Life.

Fashion Shooting / Making
of - ARYA Moda Capelli


Cruising through the Norwegian fjords

A week sailing through the Norwegian fjords compressed in a 10 minutes of video using time-lapse and tilt-shift techniques.

Mini Norway
a Tilt Shift Movie

Mini Norway is a miniature representation of Norwegian landscapes and cities, realized through tilt-shift techniques.
A project by Davide Vasta and Marianna Santoni.

Nikon Photoshow 2011

A Davide Vasta video-story about 3 days at the Nikon stand at Milan Photoshow.

Photoshow 2010
with Nikon D3S

Davide Vasta offers an extreme summary of his 3 days passed at the Nikon stand during Photoshow 2010 with his inseparable Nikon D3S fixed on a SteadyCam.

DVLab Showreel 2011

DVLab: Video production of documentaries, sport, videoclips, short films, viral videos and video reports in general. Specialised filming services during manifestations, events, meeting, using high level technologies for stabilized and aerial videos and miniature cameras.

Segway Day

A great relaxing and enjoying day by Segway: Marianna, Davide and "Nio".

Best Italian Lip Dub
ISIS Enrico Fermi

Davide Vasta for the second time is the author of one of the best Italian Lip Dub.

Lip Dub by Accademia
di Belle Arti Perugia

Davide Vasta leads us into the Accademia di Belle Arti of Perugia, in a very long sequel shot film with the music of Bohemian Like You. The first Lip Dub made by an Italian school and realized with the students contribution.

L'Aquila city centre red zone
January 25th 2010

L'Aquila city centre on January 25th 2010. This video has been filmed the day after the first day of the "Lo Scatto de L'Aquila" event, a non-profit meeting organized by Marianna Santoni and Roberto Grillo.

Lo "Scatto" de L'Aquila, a non-profit event by Marianna Santoni, Roberto Grillo and Logica

Lo "Scatto" de L'Aquila is a non-profit meeting organized by Marianna Santoni and Roberto Grillo, that saw more than 170 photographers gather to help their colleagues from L'Aquila on January 24th 2010 and April 11the 2010.

Tokyo Earthquake
11th March 2011

This is the documentary video of 9 Italian photographers who were in Tokyo (Akiabara district exactly) during the devastating earthquake and the following 24 hours spent trying to reach Narita airport. The video has been left in its original state without any editing.

Gente Terra e Santi 2010 (People Land and Holy people)

This is the documentary video about the Photography Workshop "Gente Terra e Santi", 2010 edition, with the Masters Marianna Santoni and Sandro Santioli, organized by Nino Lombardo and Gaspare Grammatico.

I feel Jazz 2010

"I Feel Jazz 2010" backstage, a photography workshop during the famous Umbria Jazz.